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Marketing Collateral for Gourmet Galley

Gourmet Galley, catering and events company located in Stonington, CT, put together a Clean Kitchen Kit to leave behind for clients as a thank you. The reusable linen bag contains local items such as goats milk hand soap from Oak Leaf Dairy Farm. The small package is a reflection of their attention to detail and love for the local community. Take a look below at how it all came together... Thanks to Gourmet Galley for having me work on this for you!

pura vida, k

p.s. my friend Kristen works with Gourmet Galley and has a really great food blog!

how do you support small?

happy sunday afternoon -

we know the importance of supporting small and local, but what are some ways we can contribute to the growth of these businesses?

1. Enjoy a meal at a locally owned and operated restaurant: I personally have several favorites: Malted Barley, Water Street Cafe, Engine Room and Cooked Goose to name a few. At locally owned restaurants you can most likely count on great service and fresh, quality food. Many restaurants source their food locally so by eating at the restaurant you are, in turn, supporting local farmers, bakers and fisherman. This week, try visiting a local restaurant you’ve never been to before.

2. Buy your groceries from a local grocer or the farmer’s market: The money you spend on groceries from a local business will put the money back into the community and you will love how good the produce from the farmer’s market will taste.

3. Tell a friend about a favorite local business: With the help of social media it's easy to tell your friends and family about your favorite local restaurant, bookstore, or other business. If they have a facebook page, be active on it by giving feedback and passing the good word.

4. Share with your friends and family the important role small businesses play within the economy, both regional and national: Teaching about small business and thoughts about how one can contribute might be encouraging a future entrepreneur and put a spark into the next generation of small business owners.

5. Appreciate small business: They bring the community together by keeping us alive and thriving. But it effects much more than just our town; small businesses have been the single biggest job creators in the U.S. since the 70s.. totally worth appreciating.

what are ways that you contribute to local businesses? what are some of your favorites?

pura vida, k