baby announcement

maternity shoot with michelle + tyler

it's the home stretch for michelle and tyler. at 36 weeks it's just about time for their little girl to make her grand entrance. 

doing this maternity shoot made me think of being pregnant with my son clarke who is now 1 1/2. i remember things like feeling him kick, peeing 6 times a night and doing a lot of wondering... what will he be like? what will he look like? will i be able to change a diaper? organic sheets? what's a swaddle? i have to suck snots out with this? will the dog like him? 

i wish i had some earth shattering advice, but truth is, i'm still figuring it out myself. they are so fresh and new the last thing you want to do is make a mistake... keep that shiny new penny as perfect as you can for as long as you can. but really, we all make mistakes and some nights drive thru french fries will just have to do for dinner. 

i will tell you the coolest part so far is watching them grow... not just physically, but seeing them learn and discover. 

as new parents there are so many things you can only learn through experience. the reading feels like you are being proactive (trust me, i must have primed 10 sleep books), but every baby is so different, and that's totally cool.

you guys are going to be amazing parents, enjoy the ride.

birth announcements for nolan

love this little dude and his mom and dad so much - nolans photos were amazing and not to be messed with (picking just one was a challenge) so we kept the card very classic and understated with a pop of action on the backer.

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